Monday, March 29, 2010

Replica Island User Comments Are Hilarious

Update: Blogger apparently isn't advanced enough to deal with images reliably. I moved them to a regular web site.

So Replica Island has been out for about three weeks now, and today it reached 85,000 installs, which is pretty cool.

Lots of users have been nice enough to leave feedback, too.  Most of the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, which is fantastic--there's nothing better than knowing that something you made is bringing other people pleasure.  And even the negative comments can be useful; I've identified several bugs and high-value features thanks to the suggestions of users posting on the Market page.

Here's a few of the comments that really made my day.

Flattery will get you everywhere.  I'm preparing a fix as we speak!

That's some high praise right there.


Then there are the useless comments.  These are comments that, typically, contain so little information or are so undecipherable that they don't tell me (or a perspective user) anything useful about the game.  These are mostly comments like, "doesn't work" or "I'm stuck."

First the shift key and now this!

Wait, which is it?  Man, how would you rate a game that you liked?

Thanks for the bug report!  I'll get right on that, uh, wait, what did you say happened again?

Perhaps you missed the text at the very beginning of the game that explained how to move?  It's pretty complicated, I know: "roll the trackball" or "press the d-pad."  I mean, come on, give me a break, right?

Harsh!  Wait, are you saying that the effort is only worth 2 stars, or that the game is so bad that it only warrants 2 stars because we put a lot of effort into it.  Wait, what are you saying again?

Your feedback has ensured a higher standard of quality for our next app!

Thanks, but maybe you meant to post on the Zenonia page?

Then there are the hilarious comments.  Sometimes they are sort of innocent, like this one.

Sorry to let you down Etan, but I'm not sure exactly where that expectation came from, as this is our first game and all.  Also, maybe you could have added "mediocre" or "run-of-the-mill" in there somewhere--I'm sure there's some way to fit in another few words meaning "average."

See, this is almost a useful comment!  There really aren't any cutscenes in the game (well, there's one, but I won't spoil it), but there is a lot of dialog--maybe that's what you meant?  I'm not sure how to make the game faster and slower at the same time, though.

There were a bunch of comments with a common theme that I couldn't figure out.

Uh-oh, that sounds like a bad bug!

How could this happen?  I tested the Droid extensively!

Oh no!  This sounds like a real problem!

I was so confused about what these posters were trying to tell me.  Is there some horrible bug in my game that prevents moving forward?  How can that be?  And if that's the case, how come only 4 people out of 1000 have reported it?  I've played the game on the Hero, I know that it works fine.

Finally, one final post from a user with this problem suddenly made it clear what was happening.  This post has since been removed by its author, but it lives on forever in the databases of services like AppBrain.

If you've played Replica Island, you might remember the intro sequence.  In it, a character (Wanda) runs through a few short credits, finds the broken Android robot, and says a few words.  Then the game changes to the first level, in which Dr. Kabochanomizu teaches you how to play.  That intro sequence takes, on average, 48 seconds (I know because I have user data from 85k users telling me so).  During that period, you can't control the game.  These users are people who booted the game up and closed it again in less than 48 seconds, and then went back to Android Market and wrote a review.

I actually figured this out before Patricia came along and made it clear, so in the 1.1 update I released about two weeks ago I added a little flashing "Please Wait" message to this part of the game.  Still a few folks (like our friend Patricia here) didn't figure it out and gave up in less than 48 seconds.

I guess I don't have anything to say to people who give an app less than one minute to be awesome.  It might be nice if Market displayed the amount of time each user had the app installed before writing a review.

Ah, the good old backhanded complement!  However, this poster is mistaken: I never claimed that the game would get 50 fps on the Droid.  I said it would get 50 fps on the G1, which it does during normal play (it can drop to about 30 in complex scenes).  No game draws faster than 30 fps on the Droid (or Nexus One) because those devices are fill limited.  Sorry about your luck, Mario, but your device is going to be 30 fps for all games forever.  It's still a pretty cool phone, though.

Do you see this!?  THIS is how you write useful feedback!  Both points of feedback are great, particularly the suggestion box.  I am totally going to add that in the next update.  Glad she liked the game, too.

The funniest comment so far, however, wasn't posted on Android Market.  The user was so incensed at the game that he visited the Replica Island web site and sent e-mail to Nicholai, my PR guy.
By the way, your game sucks big donkey balls. I have spent a Good amount if time playing only to find I am at a part I can't pass. I would tell you what part of this stupid game it is from but I can't go to a reference point. I have also ran into several game glitches and I just can't believe you would publish such a piece of shit. Fuck you.
This is so awesome.  Mr. Russell Hall, whoever you are, you totally made my day.  Hopefully one day you'll figure out wherever it is that you are stuck and continue putting a good amount of time into my donkey-ball-sucking-game.  Seriously, this was the first comment to really make me laugh out loud.  Thanks.


  1. Hm. can hardly see any of these -

  2. You are very light-hearted for someone who is getting sworn at and having their work bashed!

  3. Some of those comments are indeed quite useless. So I'll try to do it better: I love the game so far! I play it on a G1, and a nice addition on that phone would be using the keyboard for controls(not just flying) instead of the trackball. I'll take a look on the source code when I have the time, I'm very interested in Android (game)development, thanks for making it open source!

  4. Wow, total epic fail on the images here, Blogger. Some of these aren't even from the same post. Crap, I'll host them elsewhere.

  5. OK, images should be fixed. Thanks for the report, qubodup. Also, how can you read the web with that font!?

  6. @Wessel - Thanks for the feedback!

    @Ikachan - I might give some of these users more credit if they could spell words like "stupid" correctly. Even then, the vast majority of users seem to love the game, which makes me feel pretty good.

    @Adam - Indeed.

  7. hi i tried the game on my acer liquid but after the intro it just displays black blocks for the main character, hopefully you can look into this.

  8. I can't comment on your game as I haven't played it (even for 48 seconds) yet. However, this post definitely made me laugh out loud. Nicely done!

    I've been working on an Android app myself (data gathering/reporting, rather than gaming) and will likely be posting to the market within the next month or so. During development, I've often thought about what kind of "feedback" I might get from the user rating/comment system in the market.

    I'm sure I'll be gratified if my months of effort result in users that care enough to provide such detailed feedback. My only concern is that I won't have sufficient development skill to properly apply the helpful insight no doubt intended by the donkey anatomy metaphor. Hmmmm... There's just so much to learn... :)

  9. I loved this game. My only complaint was that I got to the end where you have to choose between the two baddies and wasn't sure what to do, so I went and killed Dr. Whateverhisnameis and the business guy took the orb and it said game over. I wanted to go back and try to figure out how to get rid of them both, but it said I had to start from the beginning. Can't you make it so you can redo the last level so you don't have to go through the whole game again?

  10. Welcome to the internet generation Chris ;)

  11. Really great game, Chris, the best I tried so far. Always makes me nostalgic given that I loved Sonic and Mario and stuff. It is sometimes a bit of a hassle to play on the N1 because of the trackball and the responsiveness of the red key, but that's hardware.

    However, I am stuck at a place after the world with the many coins (which was my favourite, zooming around the level and always being indestructible because of the coin). There I should get over three bricks on top of a slide door and on the other side is that little robot that may open. If I land on the stones I explode, which I suppose is intended, but if I send that control-the-robot-energy-ball on the other side to get the robot to open the slide door, the ball always hits the spawning machine and hundreds of robots pour out it.

    Should I just try harder? Cost me 40 min at work :P

  12. m0m0,

    You are on the right track! 99% of people who e-mail me about this section don't realize that the Possession Orb is useful here. Just aim it at the robot rather than the spawner.

    Also, in the latest update, that area has been fixed to properly display spikes over the door.

  13. Cheers, mate, I just installed the update and the additional time to use the orb by the added gem really helped and I managed. Yay, more work time to waste.

    Thanks ever so much for the effort and the great game, although my boss probably thinks different ;-)

  14. > Eric,

    There are three endings in the game. You need to make a choice at the end, and the ending changes depending on what you choose. Maybe play through and try again?

  15. Chris, I love the game. I just wish there were save points or something so I wouldn't have to play all the levels again to see the different endings!

  16. using samsung gaLaxy spica running.andriod 1.5

    i am unable to change the sensitivity, it crashes when i.try to do that.

    Great game btw

  17. Ugh, just tried Zenonia, I guess they just did a quick port to Android and didn't even fully read the Android docs or something. The D-PAD on my Droid is completely ignored. I keep trying to touch options in the menus instead of using their slow on screen control pad over to the side and that doesn't work either. Did they even have an Android user try it before release?

  18. Ok, so this might be a little OT, but as someone who has a deeply intense love for gaming, and more than a few attempts to start making my own, I found myself with a CS degree and traveling down the path of Finance after college.

    I have long traveled down this finance path and now find that it really just isn't my passion, and my passion is games, and that's what I want to do.

    Here, I find myself with the drive, the love, the passion, and now, possibly best of all, the source code for a well-performing game on android... and not a clue as to where to start.

    Many years ago I learned Java, and I'll return to that, but the question is more of a practical nature.

    I have two Android devices, and the Android SDK on my computer. But now what? Are there any guides, any easy instructions that explain how to get from: Android SDK to Working game? I haven't used SVN since 1998-2002 on linux boxes, and I stare at that source link for this game, and I frankly am not even sure how to get that onto my computer.

    What tools are used? What applications should I be using for development? Where does someone like me begin?

    I have to admit, I think Microsoft makes it a bit easier to get started from Scratch... with Android, I have no idea where to start, or where to even look.

  19. Mr. Hall actually has a point. I've been playing the game for a few days and am horribly stuck, but I can't say "hey, I'm stuck in memory #24" or whatever because there's no way to go back to a reference point to see where I am.

    So, I'm stuck on the level with the sleeping pink monster. Any help would be much appreciated! :)

  20. I downloaded this game yesterday and spent two days worth of school breaks finishing it. First thing first: Great job! The controls are very smooth on the Hero, especially after I found out you could ground pound using the trackball. There were some instances when I had problems landing on a narrow platform, but the game doesn't throw anything at you that make you want to break your phone in half in frustration.
    I found a minor glitch where colliding with the big pink sleeper-thing at a specific angle pushed you trough the ground to your death, but nothing major otherwise.
    I do have some complaints and/or suggestions though. For one, Wanda’s forehead is... weird. After I saw it, it was impossible to un-see which killed a bit of her likeability.
    Also controlling the robots is a pain, as they walk a much shorter distance for each spin of the trackball.

    SPOILERS From here on out!

    The final encounter with Kyle was pretty lame on my run. The setup with the big and ominous chamber made me think there was going to be a boss battle, and Kyle was going to zoom back and forth across the floor like he had done the previous time’s I had met him. Instead I ended up wondering where the heck he had gone before I was treated a cut scene of him dying far away from me... yeah. I think it would have been better if you had changed the layout to force you to flee from him, which would have been both more climactic and make more sense. Why would he speed away from you down a cliff? If he was chasing you, it could be justified that he fell as he wasn’t paying attention.

    It doesn’t make any sense for Dr. Kochabaicixuichababa to be waiting for you when you find the Source. Couldn’t you just replace him with one of those TV screens he used earlier?

    Also, the final stage was also a bit lame. Just to test, I went through and looked at Dr. Kochahabvasuix and the Rokudou guy. The paths to them were hard and felt pretty epic. To get the best ending and destroy the Source, you just walked three robots as suicide bombers... Not only is this lame, it’s also far easier than the other paths. Shouldn’t the best ending be the hardest to get?
    Maybe you could mind control a robot, take it through some nice platforming and then self destruct it to snap some wire that holds some big machine thing that falls on the Source? Would make more sense and be more way more awesome.

    End of Spoilers.

    I hope you can use this for something useful. I really liked this game and the story and the way it was told were original and worked really good. My complaints are nitpicks, but that’s because isn’t really anything else to complain about : ).

  21. Awesome game! Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful game. FYI it's on a Droid Eris and plays beautifully, I really like how I can use the trackball for controls.

    The weirdest bug I ran into was when the control orb runs into the little blue bot maker. If you hold down the jump button the bot maker spews out hundreds of little blue bots. Other than that, I had no problems with the game. Sure a few of the levels were harder but that made it all the more rewarding when I finally passed them.

    Again, these are my very minor gripes with an altogether fabulous game!

    I gave you a 5/5 on the market, thanks again!

  22. I don't even care if the game is good (though I'm sure it is), just getting to look at your source and read this blog has been the most educational thing I've read in a long, long time. I will definitely be keeping a lot of your code design choices in mind as I delve into Android development. Kudos, sir.

  23. Hello. Congratz on an awesome game. I am troubled, though.

    I am stuck. It is right after discovering dr blabla is evil. I get to a point where there is a blue door. There is a robot on the other side, along with the button. But it does not press it, and I cannot do anything about it. Maybe I am missing something, but would you tell me how to unstuck myself ?

  24. From Chris ...
    There are three endings in the game. You need to make a choice at the end, and the ending changes depending on what you choose. Maybe play through and try again?

    I think the decision at the end is very well done. I like that it is not obvious, but it is rather harsh to force replay of the entire game to try another option. I manually edited the data file so that I could replay the last level. Perhaps you can make it so that the game does not reset to the first level after playing the last. Let the user replay the last level as much as they want. When they are done, they can use the menu option to reset.

  25. Great game. Need more like it. I'M STUCK...SOMEONE HELP!

    I'm on the part where u have to move that pink frog thing then go behind him to get the rubey then u go across the board and get more coins then u go down and there are 2 of them bronish tan monters who try to hit you walking then I can't do anything. Idk how to get through the wall to get the other ruby. Someone plzzzz help me

  26. I hope u have or make more games like this one...I love it!

    Do u have any other games simaler to Replica Island?

  27. im on the level after meeting kyle, on the level where he says ill race you to the next gem, but i cant seem to find another way out. theres walls everywhere and he just runs back and forth. Bug? or not?

  28. @Leanna

    This isn't a bug, he's just winning the race and getting the gem before you. Move faster, find a shortcut, or look for a way to avoid getting hit by him. There are several solutions to this puzzle.

    I think that it is fascinating that you (and many others) assume challenging sections must be buggy. I don't think games on traditional platforms have that issue. Very interesting.

  29. Yeah... I agree with Jesse.... I destroyed the source first, then force closed the game so I could see the bad endings. When I see kobucha ruling the world, I think "oh... that's lame" and went to see the other endings only to learn you have to start at the beginning two more times to see them. Lame.

  30. @Adam (and Jesse)

    Not doing this way is an extremely common request (it might be the most common request). But here's why I did it that way (and I reserve the right to change my mind):

    - The decision needs to have weight. If you can go back and try again, it's hardly a decision. Maybe I should have let you know that you won't be able to try again.

    - Say you beat the game and see an ending. If you can go back and try again and see the other endings, there's no reason to keep playing the game. On the other hand, if I prevent you from starting from the last level, you have a reason to play more. Or you might get fed up and quit the game. So to me it seems like I am choosing between a system were all players quit (since they saw everything) and a system where some players quit (because they are annoyed). I chose the one where more people keep playing.

  31. Great game, but I'm going to join the crowd and say that the last level should be replayable rather than resetting to the start. There is no way I'm going to play the whole thing again just to see a different picture at the end.

  32. Comment by Nick:
    "Bad. Controls are horrible. Either too fast or too slow. Can't fly for long. Too many "cutscenes"."

    I get what nick is saying by "too fast or too slow". The issue was that the character would not be responsive enough when tapping left or right (I have a dpad on my Droid) and would go WAY to friggen fast when you held it down. I turned down the sensitivity in the options once but this made it hard to move at slow speeds and difficult to get through timed doors.

    Anyways, I beat the game a long time ago and can't remember if I had this issue at the end. Great game!

    PS: I'm having troubles with eclipse trying to get your source code. Eclipse isn't running right now and I'm too tired to remember the error it gave me. I'll post back tomorrow when I try again. If I never post again, assume it was a user error, not the svn thing. It would be nice to just have a big "download button" here though:

  33. Why can't I "return to last memory" bank after I have selected one ending in the lastlevel, its kind of boring to play all the levels again since the game resets back to the start.

    But anyhow a fantastic game.

  34. Yeah just to touch on "Michael Murillo"'s comment talking about the negative feedback, when i first installed this game I ended up uninstalling it pretty quick on my HTC Hero b/c the sensitivity of the robot moving was totally beserk.

    IIRC, I think I went in and changed the control settings to "tilt" before I ever started to play. This was my first phone with this kind of functionality and I just couldn't resist turning it on for anything that supported it. I didn't think twice about what I had done once I was in the game b/c I guess I was expecting it to work but it was overly sensitive at the time.

    I'm not big on scrollers (but love 2d arcade action) so that probably contributed to the quick uninstall. But I'm trying to get started on my own game now, saw your talk at GI/O and checked it out again.

    Solid game, and going to be digging into the source soon enough. Thanks for publishing this open source! (not a Java programmer, need all the help i can get)

  35. Chris,

    Really, really, really awesome game and way to go to make it OS!

    For some time I thought this was produced by google to promote the Android logo...

    I think the Android in your game is cute (my girlfriend agrees), so kudos for the decision to make it a player character! I love the flashback story line. Two or three levels are too long and need breaking up or save points. People who are stuck may appraised of where they are in the game by a brief overlay saying the level name, "please wait" style, when restarting the level.

    As for replaying, we will replay it because it's FUN! But we want to choose our favorite levels, and show them to our friends on the go. So I'm seconding the request - once played, all levels should be available in the list of memory banks to be replayed, and accessible from the main menu. To give the final decision more weight (I also killed Kochanomizu because it was hard, so now I'm on my second run - much easier now...:) [OT, so are you very Nippophilic? Does it mean tea water, as I think? :) Rokudou = ?] , you could follow the last level up by one or two more levels that play in the world thus created, as a "clean-up" exercise, with different outcomes, and these may only be available through the last level, the last level being a portal into them.

    As for bugs, I'd love it if you could work on collision detection (HTC Incredible, using tilt). It has happened that I was floating through space and "tunneling" into a wall on the other side (i.e. CD failed) and then get killed by a closing door that is actually above me at that time. On the cave levels it is far too easy to get stuck in the floor. Jumping on a monster at the edge of something often results in falling to my death, even though I thought I should stand on the edge with 3/4 of my body.

    @Gigaflop: google for android hello world

    I haven't worked through this myself but it seems a reasonable place to start. I'd love links to other good tutorials myself though, any help, everyone?

  36. Loved this game. Controls worked perfectly. (Moto droid) great concept and storyline. I would have definately paid for this game, but am glad I didn't have to lol. A few small glitches (mr. Android got stuck in the wall a few times.) But other than that excellent! Keep up the good work! Five stars across the board! Would love to possibly see a replica island 2 in the future!

  37. Hi Chris, I watched your Google I/O session and decided to try your game. Runs pretty well on the G1.

    Similar to what Eric said, I would have liked to be able to play the last level repeatedly to see all three endings.

    On another note, whenever I watch a movie that jumps back and forth in time, I always wish the DVD would have the movie re-edited in chronological order so I don't have to rely on my aging memory.

    I haven't seen a DVD like that yet, but what I would like to see is after winning the game, instead of restarting from the beginning, if you could provide the option to re-play all the levels in any order. I know I've seen that on some console games out there...

  38. Great game!! I looked for your blog today to get through the level with the pink frog monster thing and I am so glad I did! Thank you for making this game! It runs great on my Samsung Moment, I can't wait to see how it ends!

  39. Just finished the game on a Samsung Galaxy Spica.

    I love old-school platform games, so naturally I liked this one.

    Nice basic idea, some variation in levels which are not too easy nor too hard and relatively comfortable control, at least on my phone.

    Has a few glitches but I won't get hung up on those, since it's nothing major although it can be a bit annoying at times.

    I've read your explanation on why not to replay the last level and it makes sense. But I have to agree with all comments saying the user should have a way to play a different ending without having to go over 40 levels again.

    I am sure you have already thought of that and know how to implement it, if you decide to do so.

    Anyway, congrats for the effort and the result. Keep it up.

  40. Great game. Only got a coupla bugs where I'd be pushed through the wall and strange stuff would happen.

    I think the decision to make people replay the entire game to see the end doesn't increase playability. Very few will play so much over again for such a small reward. These days you just Do a google search to find out the other endings (which led me here)

    It'd be better if once you finished you could go play any level. I would play a second time if I could go chronologically from start to finish, or it would be fun to explore some of the levels more at leisure. Truth is these sort of games only have so much replay value.

  41. Fantastic game. I love the moral dilemma running through... After wanda made me feel guilty for killing kyle I found myself trying to pass levels without actually destroying anything... But yes i'd love to replay levels too... Not only to discover new endings... but also when I wanted my friend to try the game... I was pretty far on so it was way too difficult for that sharing. Plus there were a couple of occasions where final rubies were right next to a character who was about to speak, like kyle on one of the last memories... I, at least twice, ended a level before being able to hear them which was very annoying because I wanted in on that part of the plot. So yes... Replays replays replays...

  42. I shall resist the temptation to write more user feedback on the game here.

    Regarding this post, it is devastatingly side-splitting.
    Also made a superb piece on the IO talk.

    However, I believe that to a large extent these comments aren't aimed at the developer(s) but are addressed to other users. This is sensible since many read the comments before installing.

    Thanks for all that fun, Rick D.

  43. @filbert

    Wow, that is actually a pretty cool idea!

    I love this game! And hopefully we'll get more of it in the future! :)

    As a gamer, I had no trouble with the moving speed of the Android or the disability to replay the last level. I just embrace it for what it is.

    I have Moto Milestone/Droid, and I think there is bug in the game, though (or is it an "undocumented feature"? :P) and is that when you create a Possesion Orb and direct it to a robot spawner, the Android becomes immovable, and when you press the blue botton, the spawner throws and endless ammount of robots to the air! It's really crazy!

  44. Best game i've played so far. I couldnt believe the whole thing was free. I ran into a couple bugs like getting stuck in the ground but it always fixed itself beforei had to close the game. Great Job!! Make more like this please!!

  45. Hi so I absolutely love this game my fiancee gets annoyed though says I spend to much time playing. But I can't seem to pass levvel 22 where there's a door with a blue botton on the other side and a robot who doesn't press it. I try to jump iover this wall I get killed by red spikes. If I try sending my orb ball to the robot it just keeps bouncing back and forth to me and the wall before it disapears. Any suggestions. Out of ideas

  46. Wow I should invest in reading I just figured out how to beat the level thanx this game is awesome

  47. Chirs sad to Leena
    "I think that it is fascinating that you (and many others) assume challenging sections must be buggy. I don't think games on traditional platforms have that issue. Very interesting."

    I don't agree Chris. I have played quite few games and I was confused at this part where Kyle is racing you for the red diamond. I think you should say "You lost" or "game over" or "replay again because Kyle has the diamond". First I couldn't find the diamond (I didn't realize that Kyle took it). Then I kept thinking that I can jump on Kyle and take the diamond away from him. Then I just restarted the level.
    Other problems I found are:
    1. Controls are not responsive enough. The Android is moving eater too slow or too fast (this was mentioned by someone already). I am using HTC Desire wit Android 2.1. I don't have keys and am using tilt sensor for moving around.
    2. Few times during game play my Android felt into the ground. Sometimes it was stuck, and sometimes it could move inside the ground. Here is the picture so you can see what I am talking about.
    Sorry if the pictures are upside down :) This is one of the tutorial levels but the problem persist later int the game too.

    I find the game fun (the story is interesting) and I found your studies interesting and amusing. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and results of studies.

    Bye from Croatia!

  48. I like the game very much, congratulations, but at the end (last level) I didn't understand very well the English indications. I would really love to see a German translation option!!!!

  49. Great game. I also agree with the others for the end. This is frustrating not being able to replay any level once the game finished.

  50. I'm a beginner Android developer, so I'm very glad to see full open source project to explore the Android features. However, I've tested Replica Island on HTC Tatoo (Android 1.6, ~500MHz), and was disappointed with FPS nearly at 3-4 (like on the emulator). But in your trailer the game runs at normal speed. What devices do you use for testing and how you grab the video? Thanks.

  51. Hi Renat,

    Last time I tried the Tattoo, it ran at about 15 fps. That's why I've disabled small-screen devices in Android Market for this game.

    The Tattoo is a special case. Of the ~80 odd devices on the market, it's the only one that I know of that doesn't have a GPU. So yes, it's like the emulator: it renders the game, and anything else using OpenGL, in software. The only thing to do about it is to get a new phone.

  52. Great thanks, Chris! You've helped me a lot.

  53. Great little game! completed twice and on for a third to see all endings. Only bad thing is I think my boss is noticing me sneak of work to play it...

  54. Stuck on memory #34. Can't get past the spikes. Can anybody help?

  55. The trackball seems to to work only half the time... everything else is fine

  56. I deleted an anonymous post just now that is definitely in the running for the most hilarious comment of all time. Dear anonymous: thanks, I'm still laughing.

  57. Hi Chris
    I'm somehow stuck at #34. I always fail to send the orb through the slide door to have the robot remotely open the door. the orb stucks before the door and since it can only go left or right i duno what to do!is it a bug or is it me not trying hard enough? Stuck for over a week, tough...

  58. For some reson I can't seem to figure out memory. #032 idk why but I can't get passed it at all I think it has something to do with that pink monster but I have no idea???

  59. Hi Chris! Love this game! Samsung Intercept

    Im stuck at memory 22 (i think, its a labyrinth level w/ a ton of pearls w/ the final ruby very high to the right)I cannot get up there and its driving me nuts. Hint? :)

  60. Turn your device 180 degrees.

  61. But first press the red button to shoot that ball (or what is it?).

    1. That orb can get up that floor and rolls around the final ruby. Blue button does nothing, red button just cancels the orb. I'm still clueless. I've managed to beat the game somehow prior the update, but don't remember how i passed that episode.

  62. Chris,
    I would like to let you know that I loved the game, and appreciate the fact that you offered it for free.

    Now I've read many comments on this game that I don't agree with.

    People saying that they want "music " in the game are crazy. When I play the game I have my Bluetooth headphones on jamming to what I like, and I do get tired of listening to game tunes!

    Payment: I think that you could have had a trial for the game. Because you offered the game for free I wish that you had a link to offer donations. I would gladly pay you for the incredible game that you made.

    I may have downloaded the game after many updates, but with the exception of a couple of places in the game I only got frustrated a couple of times when I died right at the end of the level, where I had to start the level over again.

    Great job, loved the game and hope to see another game from you soon!

    Sent from HTC Inspire

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

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